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International Recruitment of high quality healthcare staff from a variety of Global locations

Nurse Form

Recruitment Strategy

Mediscan Staffing works across a UK office and 2 India based offices, focusing on recruitment of International nurses .  Our experience includes knowledge of local recruitment and the market; an invaluable commodity in the successful delivery of highly skilled nurses to the UK Healthcare Industry. Mediscan Staffing have an ever increasing pipeline of trained and experienced International Nurses from a variety of Global locations. Our success in this sector is mainly due to our tried and tested methodology in International Recruitment and Industry knowledge.

Quality of Candidates

Professional,Reliable,Qualified Candidates. 

Mediscan Staffing  are fully experienced to check the transferability of a Nurses clinical experience. As a minimum all Nurses recruited will require good experience of working in their home country in their relevant specialty. This will be verified through obtaining sufficient employment history and referencing from a senior level staff member who can sufficiently validate employment dates and clinical skills.


Speciality and skill set suitability is thoroughly assessed by a UK NMC registered nurse via online face to face interview before submitting to a client.


Mediscan Staffing will verify the following documents:


  • Identity checks (passport, driving license)

  • Nursing Qualifications

  • Registered Nurse License 

  • Area of Experience from Country of origin is verified and assessed against the actual requirements in the UK


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